A Joy in Family-School Partnership!

A Smart App that makes it seamless to follow-up and monitor your children's education affairs.

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Safe Transportation

You can always ensure the safety and convenience of your child’s pick up and drop off whether your child uses a bus or is privately transported.

Be Informed

For a strong family-school partnership, schools and teachers will send announcements and messages. Parents receive alerts on the App instantaneously and become aware of all important news and communications in one in simple smart application.

  • Follow-Up

    Receive a summary about your children’s homework duties and the deadlines of these. Follow-up on your children’s learning and initiate meaningful learning conversations.

  • Participate

    Student will be ready for every event or class activity. Parents will receive invitations for any events in which parents are welcomed.

  • Support

    Support your child’s learning by being informed about the assessment dates and about the subjects your child will be tested on.

  • Control

    Your children should not miss any sports opportunities and will be ready with the suitable outfit and tools each time.

Features for Parents & Schools

  • One App

    While children can go to multiple schools, attend multiple classes, and use multiple transportation means, parents will be able to monitor all the information of their children using one App.

  • User Friendly

    The App is self-explanatory. Once you download the App, you will know how to use it! For convenience of use, DirectSchoolTM works on iPad tablets, iPhones, and Androids.

  • Push Notifications

    Without needing to check the App, push notifications make it convenient to receive alerts on added tasks, events, and transportation news (such as when the bus is near).

  • Real-time Updates

    DirectSchool lets parents effectively monitor academic and transportation information, such as the bus along its route, in real-time.

  • Alerts and Messaging Center

    Updates are instantaneously received on announcements like school closings, delayed openings, school events, the Expected Arrival Time alert (bus stop time), and other notifications.

  • Convenient and Secure Registration

    Only the parents and legal guardians of students can register to DirectSchool app through a private Student QR Code.

  • Multiple Users

    Parents, the student, and any other guardian can download the App and monitor the student’s information if they are given Student QR Code.

  • No Additional Devices

    DirectSchool can be accessed through iPad tablets and iPhones, Androids smartphones. There is no requirement for any additional devices.

  • No Server Required

    The hosting is done completely on the Cloud.

  • Seamless Deployment

    The deployment is carried out remotely and efficiently in a timely manner once the school registers.

  • Minimal Administrator and Teacher Load

    The announcements and messages are sent to the concerned group through a bulk messaging service.

  • Robust and Secure GPS Tracking System

    Monitor and control the students bus and private cars transportation at real time.

Solutions for Parents & Schools

Being on top of your child’s academic and transportation affairs can be overwhelming. This becomes even more challenging when you have more than one child! Getting your children ready to school with all that they need, making sure they are prepared for tests, providing them with the support on homework, preparing outfits for sport days, remembering all events and activity days, taking children to the bus station at the appropriate time, and finding children ready at the gate during dismissal time can all be hard to track.

With DirectSchoolTM, you will receive timely notifications of all of the above for all of your children through one App. You will rest assured that you are on top of all academic-related affairs such as homework, tests, events, activities, and key messages as well as the transportation of your child. Therefore, DirectSchool does not only replace old-school communication books, but it also adds extra capabilities like the organization of due dates and the automated support of the transportation systems (buses and private cars).

How will DirectSchool help me?

  1. School-Related Affairs Organizer

    Designed with caring and busy parents in mind, DirectSchool keeps you aware of what homework, test, sport classes, and events are coming up. DirectSchool will arrange all tasks for you in categories of homework, sports, tests, activities, and messages by due date for each of your children. You will be able to check any of this information at your fingertips in two clicks. Additionally, notifications will appear whenever a new message is being sent by the school.

  2. Safe and Convenient Transportation

    Bus Users: If your child uses a bus, your children will not need to wait for the bus. With DirectSchool parents will know the exact status of their child’s bus and you will be automatically notified once the bus enters a certain perimeter. You will also know when will your child arrive at home, and you will be able to view the real-time location of your child’s school bus. No more long waiting time in rainy days, dark mornings, or amidst roadside dangers.

    Car Users: If your child uses a car, no need to park your car at school and run to call your children in order to pick them up during dismissal time. With DirectSchool the school will be notified automatically as you approach the school so that they can ensure that your child is ready for pickup indoors near to the gate. When you reach at the school, they will see your name appearing on their Parents Arrival Monitoring System so that they can bring your child to you directly safety and conveniently.

How does DirectSchool Work?

You can get started in just three simple steps:
  1. Download the App: DirectSchool is available through Google Play for Android and Apple App Store.

  2. Sign Up: Use your account on Google or Facebook to get registered on DirectSchool. You will also enter then your child’s Student QR Code (received from the school) to install his/her personal secured information.

  3. Start: Once you’ve registered, you will start receiving information, alerts, and notifications.

Build an effective partnership with your parent community in support of your students learning as well as safe commuting.

How will DirectSchool help me?

  1. School-Related Affairs Organizer

    While emails can get lost in an inbox, SMS messages are costly, phone calls are time consuming, and paper slips or communication books might never reach to parents, DirectSchool offers a reliable and a real-time messaging system which ensures that parents receive all messages in one App instantaneously. You will ensure that your students are supported and prepared when it comes to homework, tests, sport classes, and events since the App provides parents with an organizer for all of these categories. Administrators and teachers can send as many messages as needed for free and without filling parents email accounts nor SMS inboxes. Key messages will be guaranteed to be delivered instantaneously through a strong communication system providing families with what they need to support their child’s learning at a high level and hence the number of parent inquiry calls will decrease.

  2. Safe and Convenient Transportation

    Bus Users: Commit to your students’ safety by implementing a smart tracking system which will also enable you to save bus travel time and cost. Parents will know the exact time of bus arrival which means there will be fewer missed pickups, fewer delays, shorter routes, less phone calls, and decreased fuel cost. Most importantly, parents will be satisfied as the will know the exact bus arrival time in the morning and in the afternoon in addition to the ability to track the location of the bus during both morning and the afternoon trips.

    Car Users: Dismissal time will be smooth and safe since the school will be notified once a parent approaches the school. The student can then get prepared for pick up. Once the parent reaches school, the parent’s name will appear on the Parents Arrival Monitoring System and the child can head to the gate.

How does DirectSchool Work?

The setup of the service does not require purchasing any special devices. Additionally, we will be providing DirectSchool to the first ten committed schools for the first year for free. If you would like to be one of these ten schools, contact us at email@email.com